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*'''Level 1''': [[Persuasion]], [[Resist Pain]],[[Speed of Thought]], [[Sense Wyrm]], [[Truth of Gaia]]
*'''Level 1''': [[Persuasion]], [[Resist Pain]],[[Speed of Thought]], [[Sense Wyrm]], [[Truth of Gaia]]
*'''Level 2''': [[Axis Mundi]], [[Command the Gathering]], [[Sense the Unnatural]], Tread Sebek's Back
*'''Level 2''': [[Axis Mundi]], [[Command the Gathering]], [[Sense the Unnatural]], [[Tread Sebek's Back]]
*'''Level 3''': [[Mental Speech]], [[Sense Balance]]
*'''Level 3''': [[Mental Speech]], [[Sense Balance]]

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  • Name: Shai-Nefer, Yael Lender, Gathers-Strength-to-the-Trials
  • Former names: Waits-for-Silence (fostern); Finds-the-Way-Forward (cliath); No-Refunds, Listens-Last (cubhood)
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Philodox
  • Tribe: Silent Striders
  • Rank: Adren
  • Date of Birth: July 22, 1988
  • Packs: none here
  • Positions: Master of Challenges; occasional diplomat; member of the Ahadi


  • Creation date: February 2017
  • Creation rank: Adren
  • Logs: Here


Hailing from the middle east and recently having achieved the rank of adren, Shai-Nefer is a lot of things... diplomat, judge, wanderer. The Silent Strider lives at the Greek House of the Black Furies, and despite repeated intentions to not stay around, Yael seems to be doing just that. She's spent most of her life and career in Africa and the Levant working with the Ahadi, until a message and a need for a change of pace brought her here.

Additionally, Yael is well traveled, and has been to a large number of Septs— she spent time traveling across Europe reading and visiting libraries as well as carrying messages, and was a member of the Ahadi for over ten years. Anyone who has been to or has contacts from Wheel of P'tah, The Gate, or L'Clemance Etoile, page or @mail for details.



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