Totem of War Background Cost: 6

The serpentine, two legged Wyvern, with barbed tail and eagle's wings, is sometimes a herald of war and unrest, warning of approaching trouble. He despises the Wyrm greatly, and is not above using dirty tactics when doing battle with corruption (This causes some Garou to wonder about links to his fallen Draconic relative). He is a somewhat savage Totem, but well respected among some young Garou, particularly young Silver Fangs.


  • Pack members are, in general, more alert and perceptive than other Garou. (+1 to Perception and alertness related rolls.)
  • Once a month, if fighting in defense of a Caern or sacred spot, one member of the pack may sting their prey to death, using a poison granted by their Totem. Using a milder version of that same poison, each packmember's claws can do more damage (either aggravated or non-aggravated, depending on the foe) when fighting in defense of Caerns or sacred spots.
  • They are occasionally granted visions of harm being done to sacred sites and Caerns. (A very specific form of Sight from Beyond; GM initiated.)
  • They may use Call of the Wyld to summon help and cause their enemies to quail.


  • Wyvern hates seeing Caerns and other sacred spots defiled, and charges his followers to defend such spots whenever asked, even if the sacred sites belong to rival tribes or other Changing Breeds. A pack which lets a Caern fall, lose power, or be defiled in any way will lose Wyvern's favor, and will be haunted by serpents until they retake and/or cleanse the site.
  • Though Wyvern does not require that His children gather treasure for him, they must guard what treasure and baubles they do have very carefully; though such gathering must not further the Wyrm's purposes or leave a Caern undefended.

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