This is a worklist of the current wiki projects ongoing. Most are self-explanitory and anyone can contribute. If admin/wizard permission is needed, the individual project should specify.


The grid needs to be mapped. We're trying to get a list of all the rooms. See the page for this here.

  • In progress. See the page. Still needs lots of help.

Update Chargen and Primer InfoEdit

Per Dakota's note in the wishlist, all character creation info/primers needs to be combed through and updated. Please note progress on this below.

  • No Progress.

Re-Categorizing Character PagesEdit

As per discussion in the wishlist.

  • I believe Stars was working on this. -- Hobbes 6/25/2014
  • Dealt with all the one-letter-different categories (Silent Strider vs. Silent Striders) and cleaned out some unuseful ones. Further cleaning can be done as needed. --The Chaemera (talk) 21:52, June 28, 2014 (UTC)


This is an ongoing project with several pages that need help. See the list and add: St._Claire, Ecology.

  • In progress. Please help.


A number of Caerns needs to have more information added to them, or they will be deleted. Published Caerns get priority since they have writeups in the books that just need to be c/p'd.

  • In progress. Please help.


The glossary to be filled out further.

  • In progress.
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