Totem of War Background Cost: 6

Wolverine is among the most warlike of the Totem spirits. He is tireless in battle and shows no mercy to his foes; size matters not to him, only that he is fighting an enemy. Though not the strongest of creatures, Wolverine will continue to fight long after the mightiest giant has fallen from exhaustion. The anger of the Wolverine makes him truly unmerciful, a trait many see as disturbing. Wolverine is always willing to teach his Children the ways of combat, giving them the stamina to be as tireless in battle as their Totem. But Wolverine is not content with making doughty warriors of his Children; he must also share with them his fury. To do this, he shows them a scene from the heart of the Wyrm. After seeing this, the Children of the Wolverine know the cause of the spirit's anger and learn his Rage. Followers of Wolverine always have this Rage and can never lose the wolf.


  • Their anger is tireless and unceasing. (Mechanically, they are +1 to rage, and they always have a point to use.)
  • At times, they may become disgusted with their fellow Garou's lack of passion and anger, given the visions they have seen. At those times, they may rouse (and refresh) others' Rage by vividly describing their visions of the Wyrm's heart. (As per the Gift: Rouse To Anger.)
  • When going after something larger than themselves, Wolverine may well bolster both his children's strength and their stamina. (+1 to each in such circumstances, GM discretion.)


  • Children of Wolverine must never show mercy to a foe. If they do, Wolverine will fix the problem child. Violently, and possibly permanently.
  • They must never retreat when fighting the Wyrm. If they do, they will earn more of Wolverine's visions of the heart of the Wyrm. Some do not survive this with sanity intact.
  • They make humans and other Garou uneasy, regardless of the other person's willpower. (Wolverine's burning hatred is, after all, palpable.)

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