When the original caern was strong and the park many years from existing, the wolves of the area were a blend of normal wolves with a few members of stronger-blooded Pure One kinfolk and Red Talon kin. As the Garou left the area, this blood waned until the Hidden Walk was restored. Over the many years, numerous tribes have claimed mates among the packs and introduced their own kinfolk and pups among the population. These days, kinfolk among the wolves are common, but any great measure of Pure Breeding is dubious with so much intermingling.

The packs have even seen the birth of a few Garou among them, though nearly all have been well accounted for by their respective Garou parent and have gone on to become sept members or taken to other septs to be raised and trained.

Note: While this information may be used in the formation of a new kin of Garou character, please check with the respective tribal elder and/or wizzen for details first.

Notable Wolf Kinfolk Edit

Below is a listing of any notable kinfolk belonging to the various tribes. Doubtlessly incomplete and may contain both living and dead individuals.

Black Furies: Mountain Bowl Pack (Mixed heritage, no PB... long IC story).

Bone Gnawers: NPC high content wolfdogs

Children of Gaia: White Pack (including Andrea's descendants)

Fianna: Mountain Bowl Pack (Mixed heritage, no PB... long IC story).

Get of Fenris: unknown

Red Talons: Earth-Whisperer's mate and pups. Mountain Bowl Pack (Mixed heritage, no PB... long IC story).

Shadow Lords: unknown

Silver Fangs: Isaac's pack, members of Blue Pack, but without the PB to be recognized by the tribe.

Silent Striders: unknown

Stargazers: unknown

Uktena: Aqua Pack, Watcher's pups (part of the Aqua Pack)

Wendigo: Cinder (PC, presumably deceased) and Blue Pack (mixed heritage, no PB... long IC story), Jacinta's litter, raised in the vicinity of Two Eagle's Bluff. Mountain Bowl Pack (Mixed heritage, no PB... long IC story).

Notable Litters Born Edit

Below is a list of litters born to the known Garou and kinfolk of the sept. Like above, it is doubtlessly incomplete.

  • 1995: Eris's litter with Sand including Garou pup Climbs to the Mountain's Peak.
  • mid-2000's: Bone Gnawer litter born to Raul and female dog/wolfdog (unknown number, all kin)
  • 2005: Children of Gaia litter born to Karl and a female WWNP wolf (2 Garou, 2 kin), Born April 24, 2005, Baptism performed May 24, 2005, one male and one female Ahroun. (OOC: Fate of pups unknown, presumed moved with Karl or deceased after player departed.)
  • 2016: Watcher sires pups with an Uktena kinwolf of the Aqua pack. 4 pups are born on April 14th, three males and 1 female, all kinfolk.
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