Totem of the Caern: The Orb Weaver Dates of Stewardship: 2013 - Current

There are all kinds of spiders in the world, and as spirits they can and do represent a wide variety of ideas and concepts. The ground-dwellers and venomous types are often thought to be Wyrmy, but anyone who has ever seen a spider's egg sac break open knows that they can be the essence of the Wyld as well--chaos, life, creation. But the spider's true allegiance, and where her power is most potent, is with the Weaver. This particular spirit isn't a pattern spider though, or anything like it. It's not a specific species, but it is a specific type--the orb weaver. It is the kind of spider that spins the iconic, wide web one automatically associates with spiders. She's a daughter of Grandmother Spider, who stole light from the sun, and that is why under the dawn and twilight sky her web appears golden. She's a spirit of Cunning, but one that teaches Wisdom, and how to get along, rather than one that uses trickery to shame or humiliate. She will keep her promises, but be wary of the wording. Our spirit manifests as an extremely large orb weaver with elongated outer legs and much shorter inner ones. Their segmented joints are striped, alternating light and dark--in this case a near black and an almost translucent yellow. Her abdomen is dark with a blotch down the middle that seems almost like a Rorschach pattern, surrounded by tiny yellow dots. And, of course, she has her web--a monstrosity that spans the length of two great giants' trunks of the forest. She is the builder, the one who gives things form, the one who ties things together. Despite her candid honesty, garou often find her enigmatic and perplexing--not fitting into their convenient ideology and arguing over her True Nature. The Orb Weaver doesn't care.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Wixalxali is the Sahaptin (Yakima Dialect) word for spider.

Source: Wizards

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