Even a passionate race such as the Garou value Wisdom and forethought highly. Reckless violence is to the detriment of all, they realize, though some Get and Talons might disagree. More than just Gaia's claws, the Garou are Gaia's protectors, and thus must exercise caution and prudence in their actions, lest they destroy that which they strive to save. Wisdom is the ladder to Renown that most Theurges take, for their strength is in their sight, and in the advice they can give. The ability to step back and analyze is rare among the Garou, and thus prized.

The Creed of Wisdom

I shall be calm.

I shall be prudent.

I shall be temperate.

I shall be merciful.

I shall be just.

An Example of Wisdom

Eyes-Like-the-Falcon, a Lupus Theurge of some years, encounters a war party of younger Garou, headed out to destroy a Bane encampment in the Umbra. Apparently, the camp of Wyrm Spawn seems poorly defended and an excellent target. Bearing the weight of years of experience, Falcon-Eyes grows thoughtful and advises caution. He convinces the party to send out their stealthiest Ragabashes as scouts, and advises that the rest of the party stay hidden and prepare themselves. "Nothing," he claims, "is gained by rushing." True enough, the Ragabash scouts return with the startling news that there are double the Banes expected! Again, exercising prudence, Falcon-Eyes leads the war party back to the Caern, where careful plans can be laid out. Cool-headed Wisdom, in this case, wins out over the heat of Glory, as Eyes-Like-the-Falcon demonstrates the prudence and care that is part of his creed.

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