Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 7

Winter Wolf is the master of survival in harsh conditions. His domain consists of some of the harshest land in the world, and there he has managed to live as a king. He is very in touch with the Wyld; his animal nature is strong and cunning. He is as fierce as any creature can be, yet knows when a hunt should be left to more foolish creatures. He teaches his children how to endure in harsh conditions, granting them added Stamina and two points of Survival. He also shows his children the Wyld within them, granting them an increased affinity with beasts both within and without. The greatest gift of Winter Wolf, however, is strength of will, which he shares with his children.


  • +1 Stamina
  • +2 Survival
  • +1 Animal Ken
  • +1 Primal-Urge
  • Each pack member may, once per story, sacrifice a point of Gnosis to gain a pool of three extra points of Willpower.


  • Winter Wolf asks that during the harsh months, food should be left out for those of his kin who did not find the proper rock under which to dig.

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