Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 5

The Wind Incarna are abstract entities, incomprehensible to most Garou. They can only be communicated with in meditation or in the Umbra. Nonetheless, the Zephyr Stargazers, who created the Martial Art of Kailindo, have allied with them and have based many combat maneuvers on the wisdom gained from these spirits. The Wendigo have also been known to ally with them, especially the North Wind.

Followers of the Wind Incarna are selected by one aspect of the Winds.

  • Followers of the East Wind tend to be more Umbrally focused.
  • The South Wind roves far and wide.
  • The West Wind is focused inwards.
  • The North Wind is slightly fiercer, though eminently wise.
  • The Ethereal Wind is difficult to find, but those who do find it grow more connected to the Umbra.


  • All the Winds allow their children to ask questions of the wind; the answers may or may not come later, on the breezes.
  • All the Winds allow their children to understand (though not speak to) wind and other spirits of air.
  • All followers of wind may call upon their patron in potentially tense situations, to disrupt or confuse opponents. This effect will differ, depending on which type of wind they follow, and will be stronger in the Umbra, where reality can, of course, change. Physical damage will be possible, if infrequent and generally relatively mild, there. It's also possible to use this effect in other ways, as for example an aid to short-distance soaring using a kite or cloak, particularly Umbrally, but the effect never lasts for long. However, in any given situation, they may call the wind; whether it responds is another question altogether, and how it chooses to help may also not be quantifiable beforehand.
    • The East Wind grants the Gift of Umbral Sight once per fortnight, and allows its followers to pass through the Gauntlet more easily.
    • The South Wind grants its followers the Gift: Eye of the Eagle, so they may see far away.
    • The West Wind grants its followers skill in meditation and enhances their willpower.
    • The North Wind grants its followers wisdom in various enigmas; it also grants them a point of extra Rage per month.
    • The Ethereal Wind, also known as the Umbral Wind, grants its followers an extra point of Gnosis per month; it is also harder for them to frenzy and lose control.


  • The Followers of the Wind must meditate for at least one hour per week, or the Wind will forsake them.
  • They must also seek enlightenment in the Umbra, in the fashion their direction would dictate.
  • They may be seen as somewhat aloof and difficult to comprehend.

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