Willpower represents the ability to succeed through confidence and determination, and despite opposition. Characters with high Willpower are more tenacious and resistant to defeat. A Garou with greater Willpower than Rage is able to maintain enough control over himself to not go into berserk frenzies at the slightest provocation. Tests of Will are obvious places where Willpower makes a good choice for comparison tests. Willpower can be spent to resist mental domination and control of various sorts -- things like a Vampire's ability to Dominate beings can be resisted long enough to allow one free pose through expenditure of Willpower, for example. Willpower can also be spent to do just a little better -- exact usage of this should generally be discussed with a GM or another player. (In the mechanical rules, one may spend a Willpower point to ensure success on /one/ roll in a dice pool. We often translate this, on the game, to ensuring success in one action. Either one may be used.) When it returns: Willpower refreshes when a person has time to rest and reflect without worry or fear, allowing her to gather her facilities and collect her thoughts. Generally, this means Willpower is only restored between scenes, and not always then. Feel free to role play the lack of Willpower and the regaining of same out.

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