Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 6

Mercurial, fluid, and unpredictable, Whitewater is by turns both playful and menacing. She is the symbol of self-challenge and a wild, free spirit of Gaia. Cautious or tentative garou need not even bother to think of her. She delights in rapid movement and constant change, and for her children, danger is like a drug. Whitewater's laughter permeates the forests, making her enticing presence known over vast distances. She teaches her children this lust for life, and she gives them the confidence and momentum to take risks.


  • By immersing herself in a river, a Garou may gain knowledge of what lies upstream from her as if she were actually there. This only works upstream, as Whitewater will have no knowledge of where she goes, only where she's been.
  • She makes her children more dexterous, particularly when they are involved in activities which take place in water. (+1 Dex, +2 in water.)
  • She teaches her children to swim, and they may swim at twice normal speed in any water.
  • Whitewater will occasionally cause people to 'lose' things in the waters of those rivers her Children have aided, to be recovered by them. She also teaches her children to be good sneak-thieves, and they will gain some ability at pick pocketing.
  • Children of Whitewater may hold their breath underwater for up to ten minutes.
  • Children of Whitewater can emit a call that mimics the enticing rush of her water. It is a sound that speaks of fresh, invigorating water, and it may lure an enemy into a trap of the garou's devising, at the GM's discretion.


  • Whitewater requires her children to make their homes near her banks.
  • She asks that any who honor her refrain from polluting her rivers, and they must work against those who do so; she will often send information of polluters to them via her communicative boon.
  • Whitewater tends to play rough with those that dare to ride her waves. Her children take on this trait, becoming heavy-handed pranksters. This urge increases when the opportunity presented involves kayakers, swimmers, or other sportsmen within her waters. They may spend a Willpower point to resist, but their Totem may not aid their sneak-thievery for some time afterwards, if they do.

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