White Stag (Lost)
Location: Near Klamath, California
Composition: Formerly Fianna, a few Gnawers
Sept Alpha: Formerly ~Balances-Life-With-Death~ Fostern Philodox
OOC Information
Player Contact: Rayanna Fitzgerald, Gren

History[edit | edit source]

A small group of Fianna broke from The Faerie Ring and created their own Sept with a few Gnawers in the region. Having trapped banes in a very Uktena manner, unfortunately, was their downfall. The banes broke free and killed several, causing in-fighting which killed several more, and finally the cave in which the Caern resided collapsed. A group of cubs were brought from this Sept to the Sept of the Faerie Ring by Rayanna and Gren.

Former Residents[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Set in a network of seacaves in the hills west of Klamath, just over twenty miles south from Faerie Ring, all known entrances to the caern have been destroyed with the cave-in.

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