• Name: Wheel of Ptah Caern
  • Location: Casablanca, Morocco
  • Composition: Silent Striders (Any other tribes are free to pass through)
  • Totem: Ptah
  • Nature: Crossroads
  • Level: Unknown
  • Sept Alpha: Unknown
  • Caern Warder: Unknown
  • Moon Bridges: Unlimited (see below)

  • Former Residents: Horus, Thoth, Nekheb, Seeker
  • Visitors: Anubis, Sepdet, Su, Jeremy, Anne
  • OOC Contact: Wizards, Sepdet

History: This is the central caern of the Strider tribe, from which a Moon Bridge can be opened to any other location without a pathstone at the receiving end. (See White Wolf's 'Caerns: Places of Power' for more information.)

Note: Sepdet has run many plots involving Ptah in the past; check her Strider page for more details.

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