Something has awakened. Something dark. Something ancient. Something hungry.

It starts with three strange fomori and a seemingly haunted house in Kent's Crossing. Indecipherable letters on a bathroom wall demand to be read. Black mold grows and watches. Black water runs across the mirror and the mind. Spirits flee it or vanish.

And always there are magpies.

  • Status: Underway
    • GM: Sheogorath
    • Contact Wizard: Sheogorath
  • Characters:
    • Major Characters: TBD
    • Minor Characters: TBD
    • NPCs: Unknown
    • Potential Characters: TBD
    • Characters Needed:
      • Open to anyone and everyone.
  • Information:
    • Excelsior, Silvertip, Norman, and Earthwhisper are said to have visited a seemingly haunted house in Kent's Crossing after tracing back three strange fomori with black blood to the location. In the realm it is deserted except for an unusual black mold, black growing ooze, and an unreadable sign scratched into the bathroom wall that tries to entrance anyone who sees it to read it to the exclusion of all else. In the Umbra it is a spiritual dead zone that seems to be slowly devouring the slumbering spirit of the house.
    • Four Black Spiral Dancers were the target of the Great Hunt, and seem to be related to this in some way. They had been torturing a fifth who did not seem quite as far gone as they were, somehow tainting a tree with his blood. All four had black eyes, black blood, black, clammy, oily fur and skin, and barely seemed to make a sound. After a tremendous battle with them and a strange blue fire spirit, in which the Garou continuously experienced their Gnosis being drained away, a horrifying, half-formed monster crawled from the dead tree, sending the Garou's pack totems fleeing even as it was cut down with ease by the hunters. Once all were dead, it was discovered the BSDs each wore heavy iron collars locked around their necks. The origin for these seemingly entirely mundane restraints is unknown.
    • Dirk, Dakota, and Dagny ventured near the Hanford Site in the Umbra, looking for information regarding a fetish known as the Stone of Veils. What they found was a vast landscape nearly barren of spirits and a strange owl spirit and an old oak tree (the owl referred to himself and the tree as 'the Lonely Vigil'), which warned of going any further. When something was spotted flying beyond the tree, the group moved on, only to encounter magpies, and then a sudden freezing attack that seemed to come from nowhere and took the image of the same blue flame. They escaped with all haste, with the aid of Excelsior's pack totem. They saw something massive and dark on the horizon but didn't dare linger to find out what.
    • A few members of the Sept have been waking up to find strange messages written near their sleeping places in either charcoal or black grease.
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