Wendigo Tribal Glyph

Gray ghosts of the deep forests, the Wendigos once ran free across the face of North America as did the Native American tribes from whence they took their human flock. Masters of survival, spirits, and war, the Wendigos were nonetheless nearly exterminated by the genocide of both the wolves and people of the continent when the Europeans landed on American soil. The tattered remnants of the tribe now lair in the deep Canadian taiga, where they struggle unceasingly to win back the lands that were theirs.

The Wendigo tribe is the last of the Pure Ones, the only one to remain undiluted by mixed breeding with the Europeans. The Wendigo are comprised entirely of Native Americans. They disdain all other Garou, save the Uktena, as European -- Wyrmcomers if they are Garou, Wyrmbringers if they are human. The remaining Wendigo are fearsome in their defense of Native Americans and Wendigo culture. Their eventual goal is the liberation of northern Canada as a Native American homeland, although they do not advertise this. The Wendigos are experts at hit-and-run tactics and terrorist operations; their tactic of stealthily creeping up on their intended victim several nights before the kill, softly calling out his name, and vanishing provided the basis for a cycle of horrible myths among the Canadian Indians.

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