Totem of War Background Cost: 4

Wendigo teaches the Garou about the wild tactics of the storm in battle. The Children of the Wendigo gain a great deal of Glory upon being chosen. Wendigo allows the Children in his Pack to be gifted with an awesome amount of Rage, and all of his Children may use their Rage with less chance of frenzy. The Wendigo tribe will not necessarily automatically trust Children of the Wendigo: it is often too wild and unpredictable for sound judgment.


  • Due to Wendigo's intense anger, each pack member is gifted with 5 extra points of Rage per fortnight.
  • They can use the Gift: Cutting Wind once per week.
  • They do frenzy less often (+1 diff to frenzy) than other Garou.
  • They may also, once per week, ride upon the winds of strong thunderstorms, being forced back to the ground only when the rain stops. There is the slight but ever-present possibility that they may be struck by lightning during this; the storm is, after all, an unpredictable ally.


  • They must always aid native peoples in trouble, and storms will often bring them tales of such trouble. If they do not, the lightning will become a very predictable companion until they offer contrition, or solve the original problem.
  • They must offer Wendigo the hearts of their foes; and so intense is his reckless abandon and anger that they must spend a Willpower point not to eat it themselves, right then and there. Once per month, they must seek out a foe worthy of Wendigo, and sacrifice it for him.
  • Though they do not frenzy often, they have a certain wild intensity which is often not very good for either their enemies or their allies. Do not count on them for mid-battle tactical evaluation. Occasionally, they are so caught up in their nigh-frenzy that they lose track of the tactical situation entirely, and may strike both ally and foe. This is only one of many reasons why the Wendigo tribe is respectfully wary of those packing under him.

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