Weasel is a fierce and relentless warrior. She prefers to dodge an opponent until she can sink her teeth deep into his neck -- or the back of its skull. Followers of the Weasel are often regarded as reckless, as they are willing to fight almost anything, no matter what the odds. To help keep her warriors alive, Weasel offers potent Gifts. She teaches them her quickness, and also makes her chosen more potent in fights, sharpening their teeth as her own are sharp.


  • They gain an advantage in dexterity and a fierce bite (+1 to each.)
  • They can perform astonishing feats of agility, often practically tying themselves in knots. (GM discretion, and the descriptiveness of the player aids in the effect.)
  • They will often land on their feet or, at the least, not be badly injured by falls or contortions which would otherwise hurt their fellow Garou.
  • In the heat of the chase, they can follow their prey into tunnels/openings that would otherwise seem too small to go through. It's not nearly as effective as the Black Spiral Dancer Gift, but it just gives them a little extra push in times of need.


  • Weasel requires that her Children never show fear. She will refuse to fight alongside them (and provide her fighting gifts) until they show proper contrition. (Which does not require the Rite, though it may well involve going to throw themselves energetically at some choice foe.)
  • Their fearlessness often gets them into compromising situations; in addition to the ban, they simply find it very difficult to restrain their curiosity and their anger.
  • They must fiercely defend their territories from incursion by other Garou. (Yes, even in the city/suburbs.)

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