Welcome to GarouMUSH's official Wanted Section! What's the point of this page? It's for existing players with background hooks to post in order to let others know they're open to players applying for said hooks. When posting, please follow the below example:

  • Concept: Billy the Kid (Fostern Homid Ragabash Bone Gnawer)
  • ContactFerroIgnus
  • Basic Info: He's Ferro's long lost cousin who spent entirely too long watching spaghetti westerns and got a bit messed up in the head. He's utterly delusional but a wiz with a firearm. He just not found the letter she sent twelve years ago to come visit. (Suggested Stats of Note: Dexterity, Kinfolk, Totem)
  • Requirements: Anyone

The point is just to give the potential player a bit of info of what they can expect and how said character might be arriving on game. Be concise but brief, you can hash out fine details. For Requirements, are they open to be applied for by new and existing players or is it limited to existing players due to a restricted rank, breed, whatever.

Enjoy! And don't forget to delete old ads once they're filled.

Newly-Changed Lupus

  • Concept: Newly-Changed Lupus (Cub Child of Gaia Lupus Ragabash)
  • ContactDakota
  • Basic Info: Dakota's young lupus pup, born and raised among the kinfolk packs at the Western Eye. Upon their first change, instructions were to see the kiddo to his/her mother for training when she left the Eye to return to the Triquetral Accord. Personality, appearance, and gender are up to the player. I am flexible on auspice. (Suggested Stats of Note: low Pure Breed)
  • Requirements: Existing Players Only (restricted breed and rank)

Dirk's Silver Fang Family

  • Concept: Kin or Garou family to Dirk Duncan (his great, etc. grandchildren)
  • Contact: Dirk Duncan or Hobbes
  • Basic Info: Dirk has an extended family all descended from him via his son, after Dirk himself was lost in the Umbra for 300+ years. There's a lot of room and flexibility here so far as personality, kin/Garou, rank, age, and so on, but any character would be able to trace their lineage back to Dirk, himself.
  • Requirements: Silver Fang Tribe

Earth-Whisperer's Red Talon Children

  • Concept: Songbreeze (Fostern Galliard); Killsteal (Cliath Ahroun); Red-Flower (Theurge Cub); one other.
  • Contact: Earth-Whisperer or Hobbes
  • Basic Info: Earth-Whisperer has spawned many well-bred Red Talon children that vary wildly in personality and how traditional they are (or are not).
  • Requirements: Existing Players Only
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