A Vortex is one of the Wyld's most powerful Jagglings, and collectively are some of the most dangerous Wyldlings that Garou may encounter. They are creatures of the Deep Umbra, where they sometimes appear as colossal maelstroms of shifting energy and matter. They are massive implosions of all forms of matter, roiling constant re-creation. Some Mages and Garou report that upon viewing Vortices for extended periods, they began to suffer powerful hallucinations.

In general, most Garou and spirits are glad to avoid them, as their purely chaotic nature makes their behaviour almost impossibly unpredictable. They cannot even be counted on to be hostile from one moment to the next, never mind friendly or neutral. Their purpose, if a Vortex can be said to have a purpose, is to remake the very essence of reality, unencumbered by probability, possibility, or paradox. They are so chaotic that they cannot even possess sentience, as sentience is too orderly for these powerful Jagglings.

It is said that in the distant past, Vortexes used to track across the material realm, reshaping things and forming new possibilities. Their ability to Break Reality, and shift matter around was part of the forges of creation that keep the tellurian from becoming static. However, after the corruption of 2/3rds of the Triat, they have become relegated to the portions of the Umbra that experience lesser Weaver influence. Periodically they may still materialize in the realm, and in these rare instances, it's not uncommon for reports of sinkholes, horrible storms, earthquakes, droughts, floods, landslides, and other extreme events to follow in their wake. Because of this, the Weaver has had to begin unleash powerful geomids called Stasis Vectors to combat the Wyld's lingering effects.

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