Voice of the Jackdaw: (Level 2)

This Rite of Accord is the Silent Strider answer to the Voice of the Jackal, and is typically used to punish those who have revealed secrets, broken trust, or been involved in minor Veil breaches. This Rite causes the punished Garou to inadvertently blurt out their most private, personal secrets ("I kissed your sister, Jen!", "I have jock itch!", etc.), opinions of the other person they're speaking to, or things they'd really rather just not say. (These will, as a general rule, not violate the Veil or disclose Tribal secrets, but one can't ever be entirely sure...) Higher Manipulation and Wits Garou might be able to sometimes defray what they say, or, by expenditure of Willpower, keep themselves from saying it until they get out of earshot, but they won't be able to do this consistently and the more they try to the more often they'll find themselves interjecting with embarrassing statements.

[Type: Accord / Silent Strider]

(Source: Silent Strider Revised Tribesbook)

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