• Pack Name: Vendetta
  • Spirit Name: Patches
  • Spirit Nature: Cunning
  • Creation Date: May 2006
  • Departure Date: N/A

Notes: Following their discovery, shaming and punishment for charach at the May 2006 moot, Kevin and Basil were sentenced to take a front-line role in a forthcoming battle against an ever-burning tire fire. Basil had the idea to form a pack in order to maximise his chances of coming through this risky ordeal in one piece, and recruited others to his cause. Their totem quest was designed to find a bear spirit, but by chance or design found Raccoon instead.

Having come through the tire fire more or less intact, the pack has continued since, claiming territory along the city waterfront from Harbor Park to the marina. It also claims a small patch of woodland outside Kent Crossing, apparently for the express purpose of giving the metis Morgan someplace to live where her all too visible deformity won't draw attention as it would in the city.

Morgan joined the pack in late July 2006, and Reggie as of 26 October 2006.

In early 2007, Morgan challenged Basil for alpha of the pack. Rather than fight her Basil stood down from his position and from the pack. Kevin then challenged Morgan and defeated her, albeit losing three toes from one foot in the fight.

Summer 2007 saw Reggie challenge Kevin for alpha, but lost, and Aubrey joined as a member.

Following his exile and confinement to the bawn in October 2007, Kaz challenged Kevin and won, succeeding to Alpha of the pack.

In December 2007, Chris and Zeke also joined the pack, bringing its numbers to the relatively high total of seven members.

In the summer of 2008 the pack suffered a reduction in numbers after Kaz attained Adren rank and left with Morgan and Zeke to form a new pack. After a month or so of lack of leadership, Chris challenged Reggie and after beating him in a staredown claimed the Alpha position.

The pack is among the most active. In its life, the pack has slain wyrmbeasts on two occasions: a vivisectionist with his corrupted dogs and a giant groundhog that stole their shadows. The pack appears healthy and likely to continue its career, though it retains something of a stigma for all its good deeds due to its high incidence of members who are metis, charach, or otherwise seen as less than wholly honorable garou.

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