The Garou are not the only race on the face of Gaia that the humans mistakenly believe to be merely legends. In the cities, amidst the stifling suppression of Gaia and the Wyld, the Vampires pettily struggle for power.

The Vampires are creatures of the Wyrm, and are among the Garou's greatest enemies. They are largely responsible for the unchecked growth of the cities, as they need more human population (and thus more food). A meeting between Vampire and Garou is usually a battle to the death.

The taint of the Wyrm is strong in Vampires, and they are responsible for much evil. As a race, they ought be destroyed, for they are unswayably damned as servants of the Wyrm. The only salvation they deserve is destruction.

Thus sing the Moon Dancers of the Garou, although there is far more to the beings who call themselves Kindred than the typical Garou needs to concern herself with.

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Vampire characters are restricted in number and cannot be run by players without an already-existing Garou or human character (see Foils). Those wishing to run a vampire should contact the foil wizards (see Wizards and +wizards/full).

Low power vampires may be used in one night stories without prior approval. See Stories for more details.

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