The powers of the Kindred are many and varied, but all have some in common. A Vampire that has recently fed on blood can call upon his reserves to accomplish super-human feats. They do not age, and do not need to breathe, eat, or drink. A vampire's fangs are retractable, so she may move unnoticed in society. The wounds she inflicts while feeding can be healed by the touch of the Vampire's tongue, and a Vampire can sire more Vampires by draining a victim of blood and then letting her drink a little of the Vampire's own blood. Normally, though, Vampires do not kill their prey after feeding themselves, and no Vampirism develops in their vessels.

Some can move with lightning speed, or go unnoticed through a crowded room. Some are sorcerers, and some can bind the will of a person to their own with merely a word. Yet they have their weaknesses as well.

Sunlight destroys a Vampire, even indirect sunlight. During the day, they are weak and helpless, barely able to function. A stake through the heart will paralyze a Vampire, but fire will destroy one. Garlic and running water are nothing to most Vampires. A holy symbol has power, but only one held by one with True Faith. But a Vampire's greatest weakness is also his greatest strength -- her humanity. A Vampire who gives in to the Beast will become a beast, and lose her sanity and usually her life.

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