As Caine was the first Vampire, he is of the First Generation. Those he sired were of the second, and thus the sequence continued, the blood of Caine diluted with each passing generation, down to the Fifteenth, whose blood is too diluted to sire progeny. Typically, the Kindred divide themselves up into the following groups:

These are Vampires who have not yet reached 100 years of age and are usually of the Ninth to Fifteenth Generations. They are the teenagers of Vampire society, and are usually the weakest and least-used to the nuances of their changed existence.
These are the Vampires who have survived more than 100 years, though the term is used very loosely. They are often of the Seventh, Eighth, or Ninth Generations.
These are the Kindred of the Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Generations, who have survived for between 300 and 1000 years and are therefore well-schooled in their powers and abilities, and accustomed to survival.
These Vampires are of the Fourth or Fifth Generations, and are often members of the Inconnu. They no longer concern themselves with the affairs of mortals, for the most part.
These ancient Vampires are nearly godlike beings to the other Kindred. Their powers are indescribable, only surpassed by their cunning.
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