The Camarilla, one of the strongest branches of Vampire society, is comprised of seven Clans, allied loosely together.

Brujah Edit

The Brujah clan is filled with rebels, Kindred who exist to test the bounds of authority that they are forced to live with. Many find their way among street gangs, to better exist as opponents to the oppressive system that traps them.

Gangrel Edit

A Clan of loners, the Gangrel are in some ways most in touch with the Beast within them. Many are outdoorsmen, and although they keep to themselves, they are honest and straightforward in their dealings with the other Clans. Many are shapeshifters, and Gangrel sometimes infiltrate wolf packs.

Malkavian Edit

Those of the Malkavian Clan are touched by insanity, but their sickness gives them a strange insight into the universe. Uncanny wisdom is sometimes visible through their madness, but more often than not the Malkavians relish their roles as pranksters and liars.

Nosferatu Edit

Physically, the Clan of Nosferatu are monstrous, their features ugly and bestial. They dwell in the sewers and dark places of the city, hiding their deformities, yet they are wise in the ways of the city. As spies, they are extraordinary, and their knowledge of the dark side of cities uncanny.

Toreador Edit

To a Toreador, immortality is a blessing given to allow her to further pursue her quest for beauty. A hedonistic, pleasure-seeking Clan, the Toreadors are given to the pursuit of art and beauty in its innumerable forms.

Tremere Edit

Descended from an ancient order of sorcerers, the Tremere are masters of Thaumaturgy. Their meetings are secretive, and their structure extremely hierarchical. Like a well-run business, they carefully choose additions to their Clan, and bind them strongly to the leaders of the Clan Tremere.

Ventrue Edit

The Ventrue consider themselves the dignitaries of the Camarilla. Their tastes in prey are rarefied, and they hold themselves superior to many Kindred. Of all the Clans, they have the most problems adjusting to the flow of time and the changes it wreaks on society.

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