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Example Personalized Totem Creation Edit

  • Parent Totem: Cockroach (Pack Totem: "The Silicon Whisper")
    • "Cockroach, being a relatively new Totem, causes his Children to lose some Honor."
  • Chosen Boon: His children become practical savants with computers, be it software or hardware.
  • Chosen Ban: They cannot be away from computers too long, or they will become depressed and withdrawn, losing concentration and initiative.
  • Pack is 5 members (with a pool of 10 totem points)
    • Base cost is 5.
  • Packchat is purchased for 4 points (current total 9).
  • A Ban is purchased: "Pack members may not knowingly kill cockroaches" for a 2 point refund (current total 7).
  • Another Ban is purchased: "Pack members must leave food out for local vermin" for another 2 point refund (current total 5).
  • A Boon is purchased: "Cockroach's children can Peek (and peer) into Realm data streams from the Umbra, thus gaining the ability to potentially view data that is (or has been) connected in some way to the internet or the electrical grid. This is not, of course, flawless, and in particular it often results in incomplete data" for 2 points (current total 7).
  • The Charm "Control Electrical Systems" is purchased for 2 points (current total 9).
  • The Power "totem can speak to the pack" is purchased for 1 point (total 10).
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