I live in New Jersey and I'm an engineer and sometimes I play GarouMUSH (Edward and ex-Anthony) and my e-mail address is njc3 AT njit DOT edu.

What I'm doing to this poor wiki

I'm currently going through and editing pages to make them more Wikipedia-esque: adding sections and subsections, categorizing pages to make automatically-generated indexes, and attempting to standardize the formatting across different pages. I'm not touching any of the content, I promise.

If you have any general comments or suggestions about my edits, leave me a +mail on GarouMUSH or leave a comment in User_talk:TheChairman.

To do

  • Categories, categories, forever and always more categories
  • For User:Red, position succession boxes for character pages
  • More summary pages a la Template:Newsfiles
  • Reorganizing/redirecting pack info (easy), totem info (harder), and gifts (aughhh)
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