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Present Edit

Characters Edit

Stuff Edit

  • Made Category:Templates just for organization's sake.
  • Template:Infobox Garou is designed to sit along the right side of the page, aligned vertically.
  • Template:Infobox Horizontal is designed to sit at the top of the page like a header.
  • Template:Location is a quick and uniform way to list off dbnum, +carpet information, street-intersection, etc.
  • Template:Pack gives a little infobox-style listing of a pack's "vital statistics," leaving the rest of the page open for more in-depth data (major events, special considerations as to territory, etc). Will auto-tag the pack by totem's nature (i.e. War Packs, Wisdom Packs, etc.).
  • Template:Sept helps keep Sept pages uniform and auto-tags categories.
  • Template:Totem Info is a quick and easy way to fill out a totem spirit's page without having to worry about formatting and suchlike. Fills in categories and keeps the pages uniform.
  • Useful Game Commands is an ongoing collection of, guess what, useful game commands. Both for new players and veterans that just can't remember the syntax of @mail.
  • Template:Plot is basically like the Pack or Location infoboxes, but with things like Head GM, characters involved, etc.

Code ToyEdit

An on-game "Code Toy" with several silly little functions:

Pulls a random item out of a bag and gives it to someone.
+BrainPoke (target)
@emits a random "whisper" to a target from a list of spooky things.
A sub-module of BagPull that simply suggests a Tribe and an Auspice at random.
+Disclaimer (value between 1 and 5)
A quick way to output a GM warning complete with Danger Level.
Rolls up a set of defining traits for a Mad Max tribe/faction.
As above, but only displays the result-headers without descriptions, much less spammy.
Picks randomly several times from a list to generate a humorous "falling down stairs" sequence.
+Heart (target)
Outputs a string based on attributes on the target such as race or auspice.
+Operation (number)
Rolls up XCOM-style mission names.
Similar to BrainPoke, but chooses the target at random from everyone in the room except the user.

Past Edit

Characters Edit

  • Starcaller - Loony Bone Gnawer Theurge that has a tendency to show up in the weirdest places without warning. Seems to have vanished deep into the Umbra.
  • Urick - Briefly settled in Saint Claire to wind down after an Amazon deployment, then took off again for parts unknown.

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Plots Edit

Future Edit

Characters Edit

  • "Cassandra," Metis Galliard (Strider?) born without eyes or eye sockets. News-carrier style Galliard (also known as an inveterate gossip) with possible "blind oracle" flavor. Original idea was to have enough Spirit Ally to have a small Owl spirit following her around to help with navigation.
  • Cub of some variety, probably Ragabash, Trouble On Two Legs(tm). Inspiration.
  • Deedname, condensed version: Last Rider
  • Fianna Galliard, war-priest archetype more than storyteller. Inspiration. This too.
  • Fianna Ragadox/Philobash whose "legal expertise" is heavily shaped by having to deal with the fae and their idea of bargains. Mind twistier than a snake with stomach cramps. Atrocious sense of humor, too.
  • Get hard-line Philodox, not strictly traditionalist in the "letter of the law" sense, but is very >:| with his judgements.
  • Get kin fireman. Because large man with axe, that's why.
  • Glasswalker Galliard William Fairweather, ~Tower of Silence~, Corporate Wolf that's big on connections more than "I am very rich and have a nice suit." Has a Contacts score of OMGWTFBBQ. From either Burning Sky, the Phoenix, or Three Rivers (or just some random place?). Need to ask about the gifts Budget Approval Process and Buzzword Language.
  • Metis that was born without arms OR without legs, unsure of tribe or auspice (though an Ahroun would be strange and challenging).
  • Nosferatu haute couture.
  • Older kin of some kind (unsure of tribe, probably Fang) that is So Very Rich and sets up his (her?) new house as a sept-wide safehouse, but brooks no shit from cranky fuzzballs. Has that "disapproving librarian" aura going. Kind and helpful, but DON'T YOU TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME, CHILD. Probably also has Pure Breed coming out their ears, one of those Grand Old Bloodline Patriarchs.
  • Ragabash patterned after the Laughing Man.
  • Shadowlord elder-type. High rank, older, entirely too devious for anyone's good. Looks kinda like this.
  • Shadowlord kin, entire concept can be summed up with "I have so much money and your tears are delicious."
  • Supernerd cub (Ajax Haw?) that does things like apply numerology and word-analysis to garou deednames and myths. Possibly somewhat autistic, very Weavery. Could theoretically work in most tribes/auspices with minor tweaking (Galliard = historian, Philodox = using citations to prove points, etc).

Stuff Edit

Plot Edit

  • What Dreams Have Come - Plot involving Lovecraftian themes (cognitive distortion, corrosive knowledge, etc) probably spanning about a month, high impact. Emphasis more on investigation and horror than combat, though final climax may involve a Large Dramatic Battle. Anyone that's played Eternal Darkness will be familiar with the tone of this plot, though not the particulars of the plot itself.
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