Who is this guy, anyhow? Edit

Red is a colour. He is also a badger. He is not a colourful badger. He is also not to be confused with The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

When he writes, he writes in Canadian English, despite not being Canadian. As a consequence, many of the files he has written have u's after o's, and e's in places most Americans wouldn't put them. Please don't take his Canuck spellings for typos (He makes enough of those on his own!).

In that RL thing, he's a wildlife biologist and a moonlight chemist who currently dwells in Alaska. On the MUSH, he plays Ciuraq and Abdul, and has played some other characters that he keeps fairly Haven.

You can email him via kcolson (does not like spam dot com) Gmail tod com. Just replace `(does not like spam dot com)` and `tod` with @ and . respectively. +mail works too, as does my talk page.

So, what exactly are you doing? Edit

  • Much of the formatting here is entirely my fault. My chief concern is the information organization, both between and within files. If you see me making any sweeping changes to where things are, that's probably what I'm doing.
    If you're angry, disgusted, or just plain confused by anything, or maybe have a better idea for the formatting, please feel free to send an ol' +mail my direction, and I'll be happy to discuss the issue. Unless I hate you, when I'll be angry, or perhaps mildly displeased to discuss the issue.
  • I also review and re-read articles for clarity, NPOV, and to see whether people follow the prescribed forms like they ought to. To this end, I skim over postings fairly regularly.
  • I'm also one of the boosters of this project, along with Rook.
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