This version of news has been painstakingly checked and revised mostly
through the diligent work of Chaos and Nita, with a few minor tweaks and nods
by Rorschach and Aspen.

8/19/09 - UPDATED: Applications, Books, Caern, Caern Wards Inner, Challenges,
Clients, Clients Mac, Clients Unix, Clients Windows, Clients VMS (Removed),
Combat, Conflict Resolution, Credits, Death, DNA, Elders, Fetishes, Foils,
Freebies, Geography, GM, Gifts, Gnosis, Groups, Health, Help, High Schools,
Kinfetch, King High School (Removed), Languages, Litany, Mages,
Mailing Lists, Medical Facilities, Character Setup, Descing, Feature Stories,
Fingerinfo, GMInfo, OOC Resources, Officers, Others, Packs, Pentex, Plots,
Positions, Rage, Rage Healing, Rank, Renown, Roleplaying, Shapechangers,
Shifting, Stargazers, Stories, Talens, The Lighthouse (Removed), Totem
Quest, Totems, Totems Acquisition
Rewrites, generally for clarity and datedness
Lion, Sphinx, Stag, Bear
Totem rewrites

8/24/09 - UPDATED: Bull, Cougar, Fenris, Flea, Hummingird
Totem rewrites

9/27/09 - UPDATED: Wizards
Farewell to Jihgfed, welcome Cennoreth and Rhiannon

3/08/10 - ADDED: Totems Grandmother Tree
UPDATED: Totems Rat, Panther, Weasel, Wolverine, Wendigo, Wyvern,
Chimera, Cockroach, Fog
Totem Rewrites

7/04/10 - UPDATED: Caern, Wizards, Languages, Rage, Umbra, Vampires, Veil,
Willpower, WWW
Totems Owl, Unicorn, Wind, Salmon, Uktena
ADDED: Cubs, Cub Knowledge, Dominance, Frenzy, Frenzy Check, Thrall
DELETED: Totems Dana
Updates and finishing the Totem rewrites

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