Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 6

Unicorn is pure, powerful, strong, and wise. It is a Totem of peace, harmony, and healing. Unicorn's Children gain its swiftness in the Umbra, moving at twice their normal speed across the shadowy landscape. The Children of the Unicorn find it easier to heal and harder to harm other Garou not of the Wyrm. The efficacy of all Gifts involving peace, healing, strength, and protection is increased in the hands of a Child of Unicorn. Children of Gaia will always give aid, and will usually side with the Pack in any disputes. They are often seen as both Wise and Glorious Garou.


  • Given Unicorn's focus on healing and protection, He makes it easier to use Gifts focused towards those ends (eg, on GM call, don't necessarily need to use Gnosis to heal battlescars, may not need to use Willpower, etc), and gives his children help when they are trying, in other ways, to heal the body and the mind. In addition, they may possibly be able to heal battlescars that Garou have had for months or even years; this takes Gnosis expenditure (the more, the better), and is quite unreliable (GM call). It may, at times, heal some effects of the wound, but not all. This is particularly effective if backed with supporting ritual.
  • Because Unicorn is focused on healing and protection, it is harder for them to injure other Gaian Garou. (+2 diff.) Unicorn does acknowledge the need for clarifying the dominance structure, of course, and lends non-physical aid at such times. (+1 to sheer spiritual presence & non-combat dominance rolls.)
  • When defending another being, they may utilize the Gift: Luna's Armor.
  • When they have been notified of a situation where they are needed, they may run at twice normal speed, be it in the Realm or Umbra.


  • Unicorn asks that her Children continually help and protect the weak, the helpless, the abused, and the exploited, but not to the extent of furthering or aiding the Wyrm. If his children do not seek these opportunities out, Unicorn will leave them, and their healing Gifts will be less efficacious for some time to come.
  • Unicorn also asks that his children attempt to resolve disputes between Garou.
  • If they have been obeying the bans, they tend to be somewhat mentally exhausted; their willpower does not refresh as easily as it does for other Garou.

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