• Pack Name: Unfettered
  • Spirit Name: Bigwing, also known as Beaksohard or Kareekaree
  • Spirit Nature: Respect
  • Spirit Type: Merlin
  • Creation Date: June 12, 2012
  • Departure Date: current
  • Members: Alexandra, Ky
  • Former Members: Flint (deceased)
  • Alpha: Alexandra (June 2012 - current)
  • Beta: Ky (Jan 2013 - present), Flint (June 2012 - Jan 2013)
  • Territory: A length of I-90 and its immediate surroundings that stretches from the area near Riverside Drive out toward Silverwood in the Knoll, straddling both city and woods.
  • Notes: Unfettered formed as a scouting pack comprised soley of relatively newly rited Cliath, specializing in investigation, relaying information, and light combat duties.  With the death of Flint in late January 2013, the pack's ultimate fate remains uncertain.
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