Uktena Tribal Glyph

Sly, reticent and devious, the Uktena certainly understand more of the ways of the occult and the Spirits than most other Garou, but to what use they put their knowledge is less certain. Their Moots and rituals are secret and dark, conducted in shadowy places. Some wonder if the Uktena are not already in fact turned to the Wyrm; as the Uktena refuse to discuss their personal business or beliefs, it is not an easily answered question. Only superstitious fear (backed up by formidable magical might) keeps such tribes as the Get of Fenris from gaining more forceful answers.

Since the destruction of their brother-tribe, the Croatan, the Uktena have lived by the maxim "Know Thy Enemy." They have seen the Wyrm swollen with its successes gained in the Old Country, and recognize that open warfare can lead only to doom. They have bent themselves to plumbing the mysteries of Near and Deep Umbra, in hope of finding the power necessary to take the battle back to the Wyrm. In addition to Native Americans, the Uktena associate and breed with the disenfranchised from all over the world. They can be found meeting with aboriginal shamanic lodges in the wilds of Africa and Australia, as well as with hedge wizards and holy men among the poor blacks, Asian immigrants, and refugees in the United States.

Other Uktena Resources:

Eligio Sacateca, tribal elder during the sept's turbulent period following its reawakening in 1993, gives his take on the tribe.

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