Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 6

Uktena is a dark, powerful, and quite ancient Totem. He seeks mysteries; indeed, he hungers for them. He is also secretive, contending only he and His children may properly approach these mysteries. Therefore, the pack's association with Uktena causes other Garou to mistrust them and is the cause of many social difficulties in dealing with other Garou. Garou of the Uktena Tribe, however, will treat the Pack as lost siblings. In the Umbra, Uktena surrounds its Children with a protective ward. Individuals favored by Uktena are taught secret lore and knowledge by it. In addition, Uktena's children may seek knowledge of Gifts from their Totem.


  • Each pack member is given an Umbral ward, making them harder to hit and protecting them somewhat against magics that affect the mind. (+2 to soak, +1 to resistance to mental incursions.)
  • Uktena helps them to intuitively understand things about magics and the Umbra, and he may, at times, send them potential spirit allies who will know more. Though of course, they must still discover and *negotiate* with those potential allies.
  • They may quest for obscure Gifts and knowledges, once per year.
  • They are often seen as Wise, and other Uktena regard them as kindred spirits.


  • Uktena requires that its Children recover mystical lore, places, animals and objects from the Wyrm. If they do not, spirits will be more inclined not to agree to their requests.
  • Uktena also asks that His children aid snakes, cougars, and avian spirits in need.
  • Though they are seen as Wise, most Garou nonetheless mistrust them slightly (-1 to social issues), due in part to their driving need to keep their patron's secrets.

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