History: Two Stumps was formerly an Uktena-held Caern (Twin Pines), but it was claimed from them by the Fianna in the 1850s, heyday of the Oregon Trail. It was held solely by the Fianna for about a century, but the Uktena (less than happy about having a Caern stolen from them) have been slowly reclaiming the sept by bolstering their numbers and claiming leadership positions whenever possible. Outright intertribal warfare has been forestalled thus far by the constant threat of the encroaching Wyrm, much of which consists ancient evils that had been safely locked away under the tenure of the Uktena before the sept first changed hands.

With a population of 15 to 20 Garou, the sept is somewhat small. Most of the Garou are Fostern, many of whom fill the lesser offices. There are fewer Cliath, as most have ample chance for advancement or death. There are two Adren acting as elders for their respective tribes, and as the Warder and Sept Elder.

The nearest town of any note is a small hamlet called Howe. No more than 300 people live there, and the town is steadily dying as people leave for Spokane or--well, anywhere but there. It's now generally a tourist-oriented town, having managed to linger as long as it has by selling itself as 'ethnic' and 'close to the Germanic roots of the founders'. Naturally, this annoys the local Fianna to no end... but as the Fianna have found out, you can't always pick your neighbours. For obvious reasons, most sept members don't actually live in town.

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