• Name: Twist O'Connell
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Human
  • Tribe: Fianna
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Positions: Kinfolk


  • Creation Date: Oct 11 07:35:34 2005
  • Departure Date: 2008

Notes: Owner of Tinker's Rest, he eventually married Aubrey Bennett in 2007.

(From +finger info) Twist is a silver smith, making hand crafted tea sets, silverware and other such items. He moved into St. Claire to set up shop almost two years ago. He has some reputation for making very high quality but expensive goods, catering more to the rich set than the common person. He occasionally makes some jewelry but it's not his primary stock in trade. He's the owner and operator of a shop called 'Tinker's Rest' in town. He has strong ties to the Fianna community and has proposed to Aubrey, and she said yes! They hope to be wed on the Winter Solstice.

Pure Breed 2 (Fianna), Fame 1 (Known in smithing circles for his work), Willpower 6

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