Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 5

Trout is cousin to Salmon. He has her wisdom and skill at navigating mysterious waters in search of knowledge, and his seasonal migrations have taken him to many different places. Trout, however, is more vigorous and adaptable than Salmon, more attuned to meeting the needs of the present than to seeking knowledge of the past purely for its own sake. He can also be a wily and tenacious fighter when needed.


  • Trout teaches his children to know and understand their territory. Pack members have a +1 to both Perception and Stealth within the area they claim (for Guardian Packs, this would equate to the Bawn).
  • No matter how far away they travel, in Realm or Umbra, pack members can always (eventually) find their way back to their pack territory.
  • Trout learns quickly and remembers what he learns, and he teaches his children this knack. Pack members are at +1 to recall any fact about something they have directly experienced in their life (a person, place, book, etc.). This may act as +1 to any Past Life background a pack member has, in order to recall information rather than physical skills, although it does not act as Past Life for a Garou with none. This skill also means pack members tend to be quick studies of information-based and mental skills (including, to a certain extent, Rites).
  • Trout is not to be underestimated in combat, as he is both crafty and possessed of good endurance. The pack gains +1 Brawl and + 1 Dodge, to divide between them as they wish each turn. In addition, all pack members get 1 automatic success on any test to continue fighting when injured, fatigued, or suffering other adverse effects (including supernatural effects).


  • Trout is at home in many waters- fast-flowing or still, fresh or brackish. Although he asks that his children adopt territory that contains a body of water, this may be a river, stream, lake or pond, or even an artificial water feature.
  • Just as Trout does not flaunt his beautiful multi-shaded scales, so too does he expect his children to be modest in dress and behaviour. Exhibitionism and boastfulness are not Trout's way, and he will not accept children who typically act like that.
  • Trout's tenacity means that he just will not give up. His children display that same tendency, so that often they will continue long past the point where others would have abandoned the task. When engaged in an ongoing action that has not succeeded, including combat, pack members must make an intelligence or wits test to figure out that they've passed the point at which persistence will pay off, before they are able to stop or withdraw. Direct orders from higher authority grant a circumstantial bonus to this test.
  • Once per year, packs who have Trout as a Totem must undertake to travel far beyond their usual territory in search of knowledge. Trout does not insist that this is old knowledge or lost knowledge, as long as it will contribute to Gaia's survival on the pack's return.

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