The Tribal Elder (not to be confused with the Rank of Elder) is the acknowledged leader of a given Tribe's members at a Sept, and depending on a Sept's makeup may also be that Tribe's representative in the Sept Council.

Like any other leadership position, Tribal Elder can be claimed (in the case of a vacancy) or Challenged for. Typically a Tribe's presence at the Sept will need to reach an agreed upon waterline before an Elder is entirely necessary, and this is often worked out with the Sept Alpha.

The Tribal Elder's responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the Tribe's specific territory (if it has one)
  • The training and Rite of Passage of any cubs
  • Keeping tabs on the status of the Tribe's Kinfolk
  • Determining chiminage for newly arrived members who wish to join the Sept (this needs to be approved by the Alpha and Warder)
  • Addressing any inter-Tribal issues

Some of these tasks can be delegated to members of the Tribe; in particular, training of cubs is often carried out by more than just the Tribal Elder, who may not be the same auspice as a cub.

Please see the Tribal Elders List for a historical list of the Tribal Elders at the Hidden Walk.

Special note: Some Tribes may choose not to have a single Elder, but this will vary by Sept and Tribe. For example, the Children of Gaia of the Hidden Walk have two elders: the Arm of the Goddess and the Voice of the Goddess.

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