Garou theology states that Gaia created three powers to take charge of the Universe and to keep it in order; the Wyld, the Weaver and the Wyrm. The Wyld's task was to create matter; the Weaver's, to shape it; and the Wyrm's, to dispose of it when no longer required.

Initially these three powers were equal and in balance, but before the dawn of history something went wrong. The Wyrm went crazy and began to try to destroy everything it could touch, living or dead, useful or useless. As a result the Triat lost its internal balance and has never regained it.

Since that time the Wyrm has, Garou believe, grown steadily stronger than the other two, posing an ever greater threat to the entire universe. The Garou seek to keep it and its minions in check, but it is generally conceded that this is a losing battle, and many think that matters have become so bad that the Apocalypse is surely close at hand.

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