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* [[Merlin]]
* [[Merlin]]
* [[Moose]]
* [[Moose]]
* [[Mule]]
* [[Osprey]]
* [[Osprey]]
* [[Pegasus]]
* [[Pegasus]]

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Garou packs are generally dedicated to a particular Incarna, to whom they relate as children to a parent. Some Packs choose their Totem Spirit, while other Packs are chosen by their Totem.

On GarouMUSH, pack totems are commonly either of the mythical variety or of animals that would be found in Washington State or nearby. Therefore, some totems are only rarely seen in the area if at all. Others have been retired as White Wolf generated new versions or may be canon but not currently approved for use on game. These totems can be found on the Archived Totems page. You are welcome to use these totems for NPCs or former packs.

Totems of Cunning

The Garou, as a race, are not the most cunning of creatures. Since they usually prefer direct assault, none of the Garou Tribes have Totems of Cunning. Thus, these Totem spirits are not well-known. Almost all Garou believe it is dishonorable to follow a Totem of Cunning (with the exception of Coyote). However, some Ragabash and many young Garou, desperate to break with tradition, have allied with these Totems. Some Totems of Cunning include:

Totems of Respect

Ancient spirits that have been associated with the greatest of all Garou. They are the Totems of Honor, and they have provided leadership advice, diplomatic assistance, and other kinds of help to the leaders of the Garou for many years. Some Totems of Respect include:

Totems of War

Most often animal spirits, traditionally predators and warriors themselves. They are Totems of Rage, and they have aided the Garou in battle, in tactics and strategy, and in reconnoitering, since the First Pack. They are perhaps a bit too bloodthirsty to win much lasting respect from the Garou as a whole, but they are helpful in times of battle. They have been known to lend Rage to their Children. Some Totems of War include:

Totems of Wisdom

Wild, strange, spiritual Totems, usually nature spirits and elemental forces. They have taught many of the Garou mystics the secrets of wild magic, and they continue to aid the Theurges of the Garou in learning about the Gifts lying fallow in their psyches. Often these Totems are looked upon with a measure of disrespect because they are secretive and unpredictable. They have been known to teach Gifts to their Children and protect them spiritually. Some Totems of Wisdom include:

Totems of the Garou
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