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*'''Name''': Jack Salem
[[Salem | Jack Salem]] no longer uses this name.
*'''Former Names''': Thomas Grey, Rade Andreas Popovic, Thunder's Wrath, Jack Salem, Dark One, Scar
*'''Gender''': Male
*'''Breed''': Homid
*'''Auspice''': Philodox
*'''Tribe''': Glass Walker
*'''Rank''': Cliath
*'''Date of Birth''': April 17, 1973
*'''Packs''': None currently. Formerly: [[Havoc]], [[Synthesis]], another pre-MUSH)
*'''Positions''': Sept Elder (2003), Tribe Elder (2002-2004)
*'''Creation Date''': Jan 1998
*'''Creation Rank''': Cliath
*'''Departure Date''': N/A
'''Notes''': Jack Salem first arrived in St. Claire as "Jack Salem," a Ronin Ahroun with a bad attitude, a Shadow Lord pedigree, and far too much Rage. Since then, he's joined the Glass Walkers, risen to the position of tribe elder and Sept leader, successfully challenged for Fostern... and then lost that rank when, during one of his regular absences from the Sept, he was found to be guilty of charaching with a Ronin. To say that Jack has a checkered past is something of an understatement.
Still, this unashamedly city-based Garou, known lawbreaker and Renunciate, remains and endures, loyal to his tribe, his pack (when he has one), the city of St. Claire, and even to the Sept that does not always welcome his presence.
He is currently in Mexico with another Glass Walker, [[Scratch]].
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Jack Salem no longer uses this name.

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