The Seven Hammers
Location: Nordaustlandet, archipelago of Svalbard, Norway
Composition: Get of Fenris
Totem: Fenris
Nature: Guardian (Level 5)
Sept Alpha: Jarl Thorvalig ~Blood-Rune~
OOC Information
Player Contact: Dagny

History Edit

A very old Sept founded sometime in the 13th Century. Rife with history, this Get of Fenris Sept has ever been traditional. Present Tribe Members are far more accepting of modern ideas than predecessors, however the traditions of the Sept are always respected and enforced.

It is believed that all Get of Fenris behave as full moons, regardless of Auspice. This much is true for Seven Hammers, as its members are baptized in combat from the moment they can stand. Pre-change Garou and young kin are raised in and around the Sept.

Longhouses and traditional halls have been erected in a wide circle around the perimeter of the Caern, acting as 'fence posts' for the Wards that protect the Caern's heart.

Former Residents Edit

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