Some of the more philosophical Stargazers have deduced that Time is from the Wyld. The Weaver, they have posited, would have froze things at a single instance, eternally unchanging. The Wyrm would have simply ended everything, in its quest for destructive nihilism, if it had the ability. Other make it clear that time is a Wyld creation, such as the fact that things change over time, with some things growing, and some things dying. The existence of Sands of Time is a testament to those Stargazer philosopher monks' prescience.

The Sands of Time are temporal spirits, and among some of the oldest Wyldlings of the Wyld. They ride the currents of time freely, and can change the age of reality at will through their powerful Charms. They appear as a swirling sand-storm when active, though can easily be overlooked as a beach when they are in a resting state. There is considerable speculation that the human representation of time as the hourglass comes from mystical glimpses of this basic relationship between the Sands of Time and time itself.

Like many Wyldlings, they were once common and mighty spirits, but now the Pattern Web has been extended so far that they can barely effect the tellurian they have largely fallen back to Deep Umbra where the rules of the Umbra are looser and readily pliable. Because of this, many Garou consider them legends, and think other Garou who speak of them are liars or deluded. However, they do occasionally make trips into the realm still, and often leave chaos in their wake.

The Hidden Walk was the recipient of a visit of the Sands of Time in 2004, when one materialized in the Caern, and turned back time on the place. While this had the effect of restoring the Caern to it's un-vandalized state before it was invaded by Black Spiral Dancers in 2002, it also resulted in a large fight against the spirit, where many Garou were aged forward, or backwards to pre-change status.

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