This rite is performed on or close to the Summer Solstice (in some Septs it is done on Midsummer's Eve). This is the longest day of the year, and the time when the dark powers of the Wyrm are at their weakest. The ritual celebrates the strength of the Celestine Helios, who is called on to direct the Garou to a target of his choosing.

The target of this hunt is almost always a powerful creature of the Wyrm, though Gaia has been known to sacrifice one of her own; those Garou slain as the target of a Great Hunt immediately become avenging angels of Gaia.

The performance of the ritual itself varies between Garou cultures and the specific ritualist who is tasked with calling on Helios, and much rides on the skill of the Ritemaster.

Great Hunts which fail are considered to be dire omens. It is said that in the year of the Apocalypse, all Septs will fail at their Great Hunts.

Type: Seasonal Rite / Theurges

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