Caern of the Birch Pool (Fallen)
Location: Albany, New York
Composition: Silver Fangs, Fianna, Shadow Lords, Get of Fenris
Totem: (formerly) Swan
Nature: Leadership (Level 2)
Sept Alpha: (formerly) Draws the Line, athro Fianna Philodox
Caern Warder: (formerly) Steel Trap, adren Lupus Fianna Ahroun
Moon Bridges: None
OOC Information
Player Contact: Staff

History Edit

The caern, a cliffside pool spring-fed from beneath the earth, with two birch trees bracketing it against the cliff. The sept was for decades ruled by the Fangs, with the few Get being most obviously in favor. The Shadow Lords had influenced the leadership from the background, leaving the Fianna nearly powerless, despite their greater numbers.

Over the years, the balance of power shifted. The Fianna numbers increased, eclipsing the other tribes. When Eyes of the Falcon's Child, the Silver Fang alpha, began showing signs of diminishing stability, Eric O'Bannon, Fights at Sunrise, ahroun of the Fianna, challenged for the position and won.

The Shadow Lords, no longer welcome by those who had been kept under their thumb for so long, became fewer and fewer in number.

There were only a couple dozen Garou in the sept at any given time, originally with a mostly even in distribution between the Fangs and Fianna, and the Get and Shadow Lords together forming up another third. In the final years, the Fianna outnumbered the other tribes two to one, with the Shadow Lords having almost no presence at all.

When the riots began in 2014, the sept of the Birch Pool did what it could to stop the chaos. In the end, however, despite their efforts, despite everything they did and all that they put into the fight, the caern was lost, along with the lives of almost everyone present.

People of Note: Edit

In 1995, Maury Tierney's uncles, Randall O'Rourke, an adren Theurge, and Martin O'Rourke were major players among the Fianna at the sept. It is unknown what happened to them in the intervening years.

Nolan Deagha, Draws the Line that Others Fear to Cross, was alpha at the time of the fall.

Former Residents Edit

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