Up until now, the Terminus Group has been relatively quiet. Now they are attempting to become much more active in Garou affairs and local politics. Donald Mellancamp is the current chairman, a kinfolk, who will soon be reaching out to groups and individuals with information and aid of great value, while asking little in return.

Keep in mind that the Terminus Group is open for Garou employment, as well as kin. See the group page for details.

  • Characters:
    • Major Characters: Ishmael
    • Minor Characters: Nick
    • NPCs: Donald Mellancamp
    • Potential Characters: Linnaea
    • Characters Needed:
      • Anyone is welcome. @mail if you'd like a way in, or contact someone already involved.
      • Glass Walkers, Silver Fangs, Bone Gnawers, and any other city-active folks in particular.
  • Information:
    • The Research Lab reduces time and resources required to create talens and fetishes. Only those associated with Terminus may have access to this. (Which is easy to manage.)
    • Ishmael has set up an information nerve center within the safety of the Terminus building that allows coordination between various Garou resistance cells and other Gaian strongholds.
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