A Wisdom pack under the East Wind
Territory: Kent Crossing
Alpha: Roman Akana
Beta: Sawyer
Members: Starcaller, Heather Finch, Sean Kellard
Former Members: Derrick Herr (Deceased), Rainnen Sharpe (Deceased)
Spirit Name: An
OOC Information
Creation Date: May 2008
Departure Date: April 2009

History Edit

Formed from the seed of Rommy and Sawyer, who arrived together from the Sept of the Big Wave in Hawai'i.

Derrick and Riot joined in Spring '08, and Starcaller joined shortly thereafter, vastly strengthening the previously-weakened An.

Riot fell in battle during The Great Hunt of 2008.

Heather joined in August '08.

Derrick fell in battle within the Umbra during the Spokane Battle against Carnage.

When trickster spirits tricked Leuk into a spirit cave, Rommy and Heather went to look for the spirit but were lost in the Umbra. Sean recovered Leuk with the help of others from the Hidden Walk.

Territory Edit

Kent Crossing and the surrounding environs was Tenacity's territory. The pack makes a sort of headquarters in an abandoned farmhouse in the periphery of the Kent Crossing farmlands. (Kent Crossing & the Forest north of it; rooms #956, #945, and #3819.)

Totem Edit

An ephemeral wind spirit, form constantly shifting. Its color is a deep blue, as the sky right after sunset; its 'gender' is constantly changing with its form, but always seems graceful and somewhat feminine. When it moves, it flits from place to place like a rare bird, constantly swirling.
Power        : 30
Willpower    : 5
Rage         : 2
Gnosis       : 9
Powers       : Totem Can Speak With Pack, Pack Communication
Charms       : Airt Sense  Reform  Materialize  Create Wind
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