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To use just simply copy and paste the following information into your pack's page, then fill out the fields as necessary. The box you see to the right is how it looks by default (note that deleting a line will make it so it doesn't show up at all in the infobox).

Any other text you want to include on your plot's page can be put in above or below the template as you like. Also note it doesn't matter what order you fill out the fields in.

| headcolor = The color of the header bars.
              Default is gray (A6A6A6).
| headtext = The color of the text in the header bars.
             Default is white (FFFFFF).
| bgcolor = Background color for the whole infobox.
            Default is white (FFFFFF).
| name = The name of the plot, defaults to the name of the page
| themes = What are the major themes of this plot (i.e. horror, action, intrigue)?
| gm = Who's the primary GM?
| helpers = Are there any co-GMs or similar helpers?
| majorparts = Who are the major players in this plot?
| minorparts = Who are only peripherally involved?
| status = What is the current status of this plot?
| startdate = The date the plot was kicked off.
| stopdate = When the plot was concluded.
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