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|setting='''The Pizza Palace'''
This is the room description for the Pizza Palace.  You'd probably expect more detail, but this is a template and I'm being lazy.
It's a lovely evening, and Alice is eating dinner at Pizza Palace.

"Oh, hey!  Hi, Alice!" Bob exclaims, heading over with a glass of soda.  "Mind if I join you?"

"Sure, no problem.  Um, as long as you don't mind Cheryl being here too, anyway!"  Alice gives him a grin, and moves her bag off the table so he has somewhere to put his glass.

''Cheryl has connected.''<br />
''<OOC> Alice says, "Hey, Cheryl, Bob showed up while you were DCed.  Let's say Cheryl went to the bathroom?''<br />
''<OOC> Cheryl says, "Sure, that works for me."''

Cheryl returns from the direction of the bathrooms, and looks briefly surprised to see Alice isn't alone anymore.  "Oh.  Bob.  Hi.  Sorry to hear about that terrible accident you had with your dialing finger."

Bob looks confused, glancing down at his hands.  "...what?  My hands are fine."

Alice glances from one of them to the other and takes a large bite of pizza, the better to stay out of this one.

"Oh, really?" Cheryl asks sweetly, "Because that's the only acceptable reason I could think of for you failing to call me for three weeks."
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