IC Information
OOC Information


Simply copy the following code into your page and fill it out.

If you have nothing to put into a given field, delete that line, and it won't show up in the template.

| header = The header title of the infobox (defaults to the page name)
| headcolor = The color of the header fields
| headtext = The text color in the header fields
| bgcolor = The background color of the infobox
| image = An image of the location (defaults to a placeholder)
| othernames = Other names the location might be known as
| location = Where the location is in terms of neighborhood or geography
| owner = The IC owner of the location
| player = The person to get in contact with in regards to the location
| grid = The location's grid coordinates (dbnum) Note: this field MUST be filled out
  to add the page to the Location category.
| carpet = What to type when using +carpet to get to the location
| jump = Is the location set Jump_OK?
| abode = Is the location set ABODE?

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